Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Koopman's Annual Halloween Party

For the past few years, ( I don't know how long before that, before they lived here) our cousins, the Koopmans have hosted a Halloween party. We wear our costumes, eat lots of yummy treats, and finger foods. and play games. This year our game idea was eat donuts off a string. It was a hit. I got tons of pictures of everyone, here's a sample of my kids.

Here is all of our family in our costumes.

Then we had a pumpkin carving contest. This was a bit different than a normal contest. It was a relay. The mom's cut the top off, then the oldest child dug out all the seeds, then the next 4 were blind folded and drew on the pumpkin, and then the dad's carved whatever was drawn. It was fun.

There was also a haunted house in the basement. It was fun and a bit scary. Obviously I couldn't take pictures of that because it was dark.
It was a really fun night.

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