Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin

October 26, 2008

Austin turned four. He is a happy boy with lots of energy. He loves to give me hugs, and have me do everything for him. well almost everything, sometimes he wants to do everything himself.

We had a fun time for his birthday. For breakfast we had waffles, that was late enough that we didn't have lunch before church. Dinner was quesidillas and green beans. We had cupcakes for the birthday boy treat.
He opened his cards and present. He loves it.

All the kids love birthday hats. Cori just doesn't like getting her picture taken.

Austin was much happier playing with his new toy than eating his cupcake.

This is to show how Jared feels after a day home with the kids. :)


Kathy said...

Happy Late Birthday.

Kim said...

Hugs and kisses from us Austin! He looks like one of the twin boys from Zach & Cody...when they were younger.